During our Awesome 80's weekend, we wish we could settle one of the biggest debates in Rock History. Sammy or Dave? At Jack we love both and you'll get plenty of Van Halen from the 80's this weekend. Meanwhile this week, the Red Rocker, Sammy Hagar tells Rolling Stone Magazine  that Eddie Van Halen is kind of  a fruitcake, and the band is dysfunctional. Does he think he's burning bridges? Not at all. He said for 10 years they had a blast, but things fell apart in the last two, but he has no hard feelings. But after touring with David Lee Roth he understands why the newly reunited VH has yet to make a new album. He said both he and Eddie are way too quirky. Hagar reveals the poop on his career with Van Halen in his new book "Red:My Uncensored Life in Rock" due out on March 15th and he tells Rolling Stone that despite what he says about the band he "would love to make another Van Halen Record". One word of advice he says:

 If they do make a record, it better be f&%king good. We’ve waited a long time and it better be f&%king good, man. Do not make a mediocre record, folks. Because if you do, not only am I gonna be on your ass, but everybody else is too, because it’s been a long time, you’ve had time to put together something great.

So, what do you think Sammy or Dave? And no, Gary is not an option.