Would you want your wife or girlfriend on a show with Charlie Sheen?  Judging by the way Ryan Miller shut out the Boston Bruins 6-0 last night, he must be pleased his wife, Actress Noureen DeWulf, was offered a role on Charlie Sheen's newest sitcom.  Noureen DeWulf has joined the cast of "Anger Management."  Let's all say it together now, "Winning!" 

TV Guide reports DeWulf will play a spoiled rich girl sentenced to court-appointed anger management classes for shooting her cheating boyfriend. Sheen plays a former baseball player with anger issues who becomes an unconventional anger management counselor. Selma Blair plays Charlie’s therapist and Shawnee Smith takes the part as his ex-wife.

“Anger Management” premieres on FX in June with an initial 10-episode run.

Let's just hope both the Sabres and the new show are "Winning" in the months to come!