Being from Rochester, I would have to whole-heartedly agree with this recent study conducted by 24/7 Wall Street, according to a news report.  I call my Birthplace, Racister, NY...and that label has NOTHING to do with the people and residents of the's more-so Governmental ... in my opinion.

It's Ironic that Rochester's Mayor is African-American as was it's Former Mayor Bill Johnson a few years ago.  However, they are not the problem.  I know both of them and they both have done their best to thwart the systematic racism that has cursed Rochester since I was a young boy.  There are two distinct Government entities in Rochester in which one is not supportive of the other...again, my opinion.  There's the City and then there's the County.  In all of Monroe County, there is the Inner City municipality and then there are suburbs.  Blacks are concentrated within the City limits far more-so than they are in the outlying areas.  I've always felt that "spending" and "funding" is concentrated outside of the City proper...again, my opinion.  I could go back home right now as we speak and see some of the kids I grew up with at 10 years old, still walking around my old neighborhood (Hawley Street), between Genesee Street and Jefferson Ave).... asking for money.

Policing in Rochester is also a problem...the number of pullovers for frivolous infractions such as a license plate lights being out, etc, are ridiculous and carry heavy fines.  It is almost impossible to live in Rochester as a Black person and not be stopped by the Police for "something" ... again, my opinion.  I'm somewhat glad this study can out to expose the unfairness and financial diversity that plagues my hometown ... it's embarrassing.

Here are the STAGGERING Statistics, according to the study:

2. New York’s 25th Congressional District
> Current representative: Rep. Joseph D. Morelle (Democratic Party)
> Poverty rate: 34.8% black; 8.2% white
> Unemployment rate: 15.1% black; 4.7% white
> Homeownership rate: 31.6% black; 72.2% white

The 25th Congressional District in New York borders Lake Ontario and includes the city of Rochester. Segregation leads to disparate outcomes, and Rochester schools are highly segregated, as only 10% of students in the school district are white.

Currently, over 94% of white adults in the congressional district have a high school diploma, compared to just 78.4% of black adults. Education is closely linked to income, and more than one in every three black district residents live below the poverty line, compared to 8.2% of white residents. The district’s seat is currently held by Rep. Joseph Morelle, a Democrat.

Ironically called "THE FREDERICK DOUGLAS CITY" and home of one of the ONLY African-American Owned Radio Stations in the United States (WDKX), the City and County Government Officials (excluding Mayor Lovely Warren) should be ashamed of this report...I know I am.


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