There's a lot of buzz going around my friends about Sailor Jerry Rum using “Where Eagles Dare” by The Misfits in their commercial. Some are claiming that The Misfits have sold out, and some say that some executive somewhere is giving all of us the punk middle finger.

Punk is definitely not dead -- it's just old and drunk. There are a lot of commercials that I've seen that made me think, “WTF? I know this song!” and while people may get angry that certain -- possibly slightly inappropriate -- songs are being used to sell products, I just laugh. Here are a few of my favorites.

  • %22Where Eagles Dare%22 -- The Misfits

    Sailor Jerry is so edgy using a song that swears....sorta.

  • %22Blitzkrieg Bop%22 -- The Ramones

    I'm still scratching my head over Diet Pepsi relating anything to The Ramones and dancing pop cans.

  • %22Everybody's Happy Nowadays%22 -- The Buzzcocks

    Perhaps The Buzzcocks are now card-carrying members of AARP. I wonder if they got a discount?

  • %22Blister in the Sun%22 -- The Violent Femmes

    Ummm, this song is about doing the dirty by yourself, and that thought doesn't make me think about Wendy's or food. ACK!

  • %22Lust for Life%22 -- Iggy Pop

    This song is about sex, drugs and booze, and I don't think Royal Caribbean approves of that -- or do they?

  • And Another Thing...

    OK, it's not a song in a commercial, but it's John Lydon (singer of The Sex Pistols and Public Image Limited) in a commercial for butter!