Tomorrow night, the world will be watching as high-wire stuntman Nik Wallenda walks over Niagara Falls on national television. "The Walk" will take about 30 minutes to complete, but it's the 60-90 seconds he'll spend at Canadian Customs that he'll really dread.

Customs: Citizenship?

Wallenda: U.S.

Customs: Do you have anything to claim?

Wallenda: Besides being the greatest tightrope walker in the world...haha...

Customs: Uh-huh. Where are you going, and how long will you be in Canada?

Wallenda: Just heading OVER the Falls on my way to Clifton Hill; I'll just be a couple of hours. Always wanted to go to the, uh, wax museum. Yeah. That's it. Wanted to see some wax figures.

Customs: *raises an eyebrow* Really?

Wallenda: OK, fine, I just walked over the Falls on a tightrope. I'm going to the Sundowner to celebrate.

Customs: Are you carrying any firearms?

Wallenda: No, but I do have a giant balancing pole that makes a pretty mean nunchuck.

Customs: Let me see your passport.

Wallenda: Actually, I have an enhanced liscense. Let me get it out of my tights.

Customs: Nik Wallenda, eh? Where do you work?

Wallenda: The circus. I'm Nik Wallenda, King of the High Wire. You know, of The Flying Wallendas.

Customs: Oh, yeah, suuuuure -- we get that story all the time.

Wallenda: Man, you guys are grilling me.

Customs: Wait until you go through U.S. Customs. Enjoy your stay.