I was accosted the last two days parking downtown by a friendly All Pro Parking lot employee. At first I was joyous at the thought of a parking lot attendee watching over my car, and the creation of jobs!

Much to my dismay the All Pro Parking employee was there just to tell me about their new pay to park by phone.  She explained that I wouldn't have to stand in line or wait in the cold, or be late ever again. Now I could sign up for an account and use my cell phone to call in a code, then I would be billed to park YAY!!

I seem to remember a time I never waited in line, in the  cold, or was ever late...yeah when they had lot attendees.  I also paid less. You'd think that when technology allows for the elimination of a job, since payroll is the biggest expense, the resulting cost would go down. Nope there is a extra cost to this new service.

So my new dilemma, pay an extra dollar to park via my cell phone or just wait in line while the stupid machine processes my credit card. Maybe I'll just take the bus.