As we reported back in June, Paul McCartney recorded a track with Italian electronic musician Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, who works under the name the Bloody Beetroots. The song, 'Out of Sight,' has just been released. You can hear the song below.

'Out of Sight' features McCartney lending his vocals to a cinematic arrangement of swirling keyboards and beats. For the verses, the clutter drops out to reveal a more conventional piano-bass-drums sound, with the mix returning to overtake the singer in the chorus. "I was impressed by the creative energy in the room when you get three musicians from three different generations vibing together in the studio," Rifo wrote of the experience at the time.

In addition to McCartney, the song also features Youth, the producer and bassist for Killing Joke who has worked with McCartney on his occasional electronic project the Firemen, who have released three albums since 1993.

The entire Bloody Beetroots album, 'Hide,' will be released on Sept. 17. The LP also includes appearances by Tommy Lee ('Raw') and Peter Frampton ('The Beat'), who breaks out his talkbox. Meanwhile, McCartney is preparing his upcoming album 'New' for release on Oct. 15.