Most Buffalonians can recall Pano's humble beginnings before the huge remodel they did a few years back -- the brick-and-white-sided building, the bright blue awning, the cute, diner-y feel of it all. It was one of my favorite places to have lunch when I was finally allowed to leave school during senior year free periods (at Nardin, if you're wondering).

Pano's Restaurant, Facebook

But do you remember Pano's before that?

True story: The building that is now Avenue Pizza & Subs and at various points housed Falafel Bar, Edritos Burritos* and (I think) a cell phone store -- the address is 1011 Elmwood -- was Pano's home way back when.

Pano's Restaurant, Facebook

How cute is that sign? I love it! And I'm sure the souvlaki was just as delicious at this location as it is now.

*Side note: If anyone can tell me what became of Edritos, you'll be my favorite person. I remember they moved into Fountain Plaza in the mid-2000s, and then Google tells me they moved to Hertel Avenue in 2008. I think they're closed now, but oh man, I miss those burritos!