Poindexter is loud, entertaining and ready to teach you a thing or two about punk music.

R. Jeffrey Proctor (vocals, guitar), Steve Kerfien (drums, vocals) and Jon Kessel (bass) jammed in college and rejoined forces in Buffalo about four years ago.

I spoke to Jeff, Steve and Jon about the band's history, new album and progression as a band.

Why should people listen to Poindexter?

Jon: I've been in the band for four years now, and people should listen to our music because it's good and it's fun.

Jeff: Poindexter is my brainchild, so I've been in it longer than Kessel. I think people should listen to us because we are overcoming stereotypes. Most people associate electronic music with homosexuality, but in fact we are an aggressive rock, borderline punk pop act and homosexuals. Well, I am, and I write the music.

Jon: And we're just behind him.

Steve: Yeah.

Steve: You should like Poindexter because I kicked someone out of the band to get Kessel in the band.

Jeff: That did happen.

You just put out a new album in August. What has the response been like to Back to Square One so far?

Jeff: It's been pretty positive. I mean, you called. We were asked to do Music is Art, and people seem to dig it. We played a show last month in Cuba, N.Y., and one of the bands asked us to come out to Syracuse to, quote, "teach Central New York what punk is." I thought that was a good thing.

How is this album different from your past releases?

Jeff: I think it's good. We did a full length in 2011, and the songs are generally a diary for me. The band is my therapy. I lost my job and was dumped by my partner, so it was real negative. It was a bummer album. This album is upbeat. We kind of found what works for us and a place to record that works really well for us and gives us sound that we like. We have better material and a slicker recording, and I think both of those really helped.

What's the best moment you've had in the band?

Jeff: We played this show in Hamburg at Club Paradise, and while we were setting up, these teenagers were making fun of me because, at the time, I was playing an Epiphone Les Paul that was the Slash edition. They were making fun of me for having that guitar then went off to play pool. We started playing, and they stopped playing pool, and they came over and danced for our whole set. So that, to me, was pretty awesome.

Jon: I'm just really proud of the progression we've made. When I started out, I think I'd only played maybe one live show before, and the amount I feel like I've progressed just from practicing with these guys and getting bigger and better shows is just...I mean, as long as we can continue to do that, I have nothing not to be proud of.

Steve: Bringing in Kessel, one of my best friends. The three of us jammed in college together years ago, so it was like the reuniting of us, per se.

What do you hope to accomplish with your music?

Jeff: World domination. For us...we met in college. We're not like a business band. We're all friends, so we're not in it for, like, girls or anything. We do it for fun and because we enjoy doing it.

Steve: Music is something that I love, and doing anything that you love can require a certain amount of sacrifice. At the end of the day, it's a very selfish venture, and I do it with some of my best friends. That in itself is an accomplishment. I get to be part of a group, a team of people creating and doing something that we all are proud of, at the end of the day. Our chemistry is better than it's ever been, and we're very happy doing what we're doing.

You can catch Poindexter at the Music is Art festival on September 21 at 5 p.m. on the Ballroom Stage and on September 28 in Rome, N.Y. For more information about the band and their upcoming shows. visit their Facebook page and Bandcamp page.

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