Today marks the opening of the annual Erie County Fair held in Hamburg. With a seemingly endless amount of attractions, let us give you some of the highlights of the scheduled events.

If you plan on going to the fair today or tonight, there will be plenty to do. At 3 & 9, you can witness the dangerous Bengal Tiger encounter. At 4, you can heighten your animal cleaning skills by learning how to give a pig a bath. If animals aren't your thing, you can enjoy the magic of Cliff Hopkins & Kelly instead. At 4:30, head over to the Sea Lion Splash to have the most fun you can have without going to Marineland. At 5, sit back and enjoy the Red, White, & You! parade with the Pepsi Cola Marching Band.

After that, finally meet & greet with that guy whose been giving you all those speeding tickets,  the Erie County Undersheriff. At 6, watch Gary the Silent Clown perform. If you're terrified of clowns like we are, listen to the Frontier Central Fiddlers perform instead. At 7:30, head over to the Stroller Square Park to witness the Swifty Swine Racing Pigs, fun for all ages. As if that wasn't enough fun for one day, you can listen to the classic rock band Joe & The Shmoes from 7 to 9:30. For all you pre-teens out there, you can watch the Big Time Rush concert at 7:30 if you have a ticket to the now sold-out show. End the night from 9-10 with John Cassidy, The Bizarre Balloonologist.

If none of these things interest you, we've failed you but the fair hasn't. There are still plenty of other attractions and events besides the ones we have listed for today. Check back here at for more Erie County Fair updates!

Check out Channel 4 WIVB's report on the fair:

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