There have been a million great things to come out of the Internet. But by far, one of my favorite things to do is shop online.

It’s amazing – and I’ve never been a fan of shopping. Got some down time at work? Shop. Screwing around on the computer at home? Shop. Need to get some fashion ideas for an upcoming party? Shop.

It’s like having every mall in America at your fingertips. No fighting crowds. No fighting for parking spots. No fighting cravings for that greasy restaurant in the food court. But it’s hard to fight the urge to shop every day.

And now, because of my addiction, I have been banned. Banned from spending a dime shopping online or in-store. And it’s not my husband who has imposed such a harsh fine. It was me. For the second year in a row, I have given myself a “no shopping for three months” resolution. It’s kind of like that friend who quits drinking for a month. It does nothing but show said person that they still have some control left.

This year is proving I have none. And I’m not sure I can make it until April 1.

Anyone have suggestion for a new vise? Facebook stalking is getting a little old. 

To the families, friends and all those affected by the tragedy of Flight 3407,
you are in our thoughts.