In this edition of "One Star Reviews", we head just up the bridge to visit our neighbors in Canada, specifically Toronto, where the Hockey Hall of Fame is located.

No WAY there can be so many one-star reviews for a whole country's national treasure: the sport of hockey!

Well, according to Trip Advisor, there are 11 of them!  Obviously, I'll only list the most outrageous, hilarious and head scratchers. "Huh?"

"I hate hockey so this is the worst.(Like I said, "Huh?"  The review continues..)

"This is where you can split up your men folk and the girls on the trip while the men go visit the goon hall of fame the women can go to the Bata Shoe museum. It is the perfect compromise."


"BORING< BORING BORING! Unless you are a 10 year old!!!!!! Save time and money, go see something else. Lots of other things to do in Toronto. These are 2hrs I will never get back."

"Great, if you're Canadian!"

"Honestly only stuck it out cause I wanted to see the Stanley Cup, If you want to watch a documentary where Canadians pat themselves on the pack for being underdogs to the russian team who werent professional and canadians were, this is the place for you. Honestly how do you make yourselves seem like heros when the team played like thugs while Russia were about skill and team work."

"IT IS IN A FOOD COURT...'Nuff Said!"

"Wandered around in some shopping mall and I had to ask a guy at a men's clothing store where the HOCKEY HALL OF FAME was!!!! He pointed down. So down the escalator we went and off. No signs until we got to Union Station to fiind out we went the wrong way. No trouble finding the Baseball or Basketball Hall of Fame. Individual team halls of fame are MUCH better and easier to find and NOT IN A *#@($*$ FOOD COURT.
Do not come here for this disappointment!!!!!"