Go to Trip Advisor and and the number 1 on the go-to is "Cave Of The Winds."  Safe to say everyone would have fantastic things to say right?  Not to these reviewers:

I think of a Jerry Seinfeld sketch way back in the day with this first one: "No cave...no wind!  What's the deal?"

"Maybe I'm naive for thinking the cave of the winds would have actually included a cave or some neat wind feature. You essentially walked onto a boardwalk and got soaked by the falls. It could be super cool in itself, but they play it up as something completely different with a name like that. They need to rename it because it's false advertising. I went here with family, I assumed they knew where they were going. I should have done my research. It was a total letdown."

This next one didn't get wet enough, warning: some language (sorta):

"I prepared my cave. It is not. We went out on the wooden stairs. I thought that the spray will come to us. But from the bottom of my feet came the stream of water. From above, due to the strong water spray, sometimes it was hard to breathe as well. Fortunately, the rain jacket protected the camera, which was not prepared to take a chance. Even the panty became wet. Are you sure you will not go again!"

...and THIS guy just wanted a hot dog, THUS ruining the whole experience:

"Better not visit when you are hungry ... took over 20 minutes just to get a hot dog. Orders after mine were filled first."

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