Head-scratcher here, although I detect sarcasm in this "One-star review."  So we all know the Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park on the waterfront is a local favorite to take tourists to, number 4 on Trip Advisor in fact.

In this One-Star Review (the only one in fact on Trip Advisor), the reviewer title's the critique with "great way to spend an afternoon," and then....

"Enjoy the boats; the destroyer (Sullivan) takes the longest, but is the most enjoyable of the three. Steep steps could be a problem for those with limited mobility. The Cruiser is more of a museum. The submarine is interesting in that its width is narrow, unfortunately, you cannot see the "Con" big disappointment. Hard to imagine the sub was in the water in 1966... compare that to today's nuclear subs! Great time!"

...dang!  We were ONE nuclear sub away from a better review!