Oh, great. Now the Occupy Buffalo are parked outside Jack’s Dumpy Little Studio. We don’t care how long they’re out there; we’re not playing their requests. Occupy Buffalo has obtained a city permit, that will make them a permanent fixture in Lafayette Square.

Due to overcrowding in their main encampment in Niagara Square, protesters have expanded to the Square, normally reserved for Beer drinkers and hell raisers. Organizers said the spot in the square was a good strategic position for the movement since it was in front of the Armed Forces recruiting offices, a prime location for encouraging potential occupiers to join.

One of the protesters told WIVB TV that  “Dozens and dozens of new people” have already approached the tent village since Sunday. Oh, wow. Dozens of new people. Not exactly Occupy Wall Street here in Buffalo.

Right now there are five tents in the Square, not exactly enough to rally the 99 percent or worry the suits. And most of the time the Occupy Buffalo protesters tents are unoccupied as they search for warmth throughout the day.

Occupiers haven't abandoned their position in front of city hall. This Wednesday night they will hold a “Circle of Light” around the McKinley Monument with the “one light, one love” theme just in time for Christmas. And they are asking supporters to drop off food, bring a dish, stand outside, or hold a candle.

There is no avoiding Occupy Buffalo, the encampment is also clearly visible from the Bank of America, HSBC, and the Metro Rail. As the old saying goes- if you can’t beat them, join them.

Story Contributed by Sommer O'Donnell

Video Courtesy WIVB.com