It was Sallie Mae's birthday on Monday, and every college-aged person (or college graduate with debt) on Twitter wanted to make sure she felt those birthday blues.

And it was hilarious.

Last week, stories surfaced proving that many university endowments and professor pension salaries were the catalyst in Sallie Mae's profit boost for the year.

To celebrate, Sallie Mae tweeted its excitement about the company's 40th year in business -- and Twitter didn't miss a beat. Sallie Mae's mentions were in shambles, and current/former college students took their shots at the loan sharks juggernaut.

Can't say we blame them.

Twitter, MannyArmani

The sad truth for many students who blindly signed the dotted line.

Twitter, JuliaBeverly

Both. It's the love triangle of evil, obviously.

Twitter, MariamaStella

Mean Girls reference AND Sallie Mae slander? Perfect. We bet Glen Coco has no debt.

Twitter, IamShockley

You can't blame this guy for being a good sport. He also bought himself more time. Touche.

Twitter, NiceyChandler

And then there's the more direct approach tied with the sad realization that, yes, Sallie Mae has had college students by the neck since day one.

Twitter, Streetztalk

Seems that society hates Sallie Mae employees more than they do your average telemarketer.

Twitter, DavidDTSS

This particular Sallie Mae employee had no idea what one single tweet would do to her Twitter mentions. And let's not forget that her Linkedin and Foursquare accounts are both connected to her Twitter. Why, Nikki? WHY?

Happy belated, Sallie Mae. Stay off Twitter next year and celebrate alone with your millions.