No more aliens or sci-fi Jesus for Leah Remini because she has removed herself from the so-called religion known as “Scientology,” founded by self-help writer L. Ron Hubbard, that centers around an evil being named Xenu.

However, it wasn’t Xenu that changed Leah’s mind about the cult religion. According to Remini’s sister Nicole (also a former Scientologist), it started with some strange stuff at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding. She felt that Cruise’s relationship with David Miscavige, a well-known Scientology leader and Tom’s best man, was strange, and when she later questioned some of Miscavige’s leadership, her family was allegedly subjected to repeated hostility and questioning.

Poor Leah. She’s probably going straight to hell now! Or is it outer space?

Let’s see who else is having a rough week in the celeb world.

  • Oh, cool. The media is making a superstar out of a bomber. Shall we also give a reality show to George Zimmerman?
  • Here’s a pic of Tim McGraw looking uncomfortably muscular.
  • People Magazine apparently can't believe these celebs were once Abercrombie models. Really, People? You find it hard to believe that Channing Tatum modeled for Abercrombie? Really? Really? Really? Really. Really? REALLY. Really? Rah-eely? Really.
  • In sad news, Cory Monteith died from an overdose after a long-standing battle with drug addiction. He was just a few months away from marrying his Glee co-star, Lea Michele.
  • Harry Styles puked in Pittsburgh, and just so you know it was NOT because he was drinking…his dinner just didn't agree with his whittle tum-tum.
  • Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco broke up after 17 minutes of dating. I mean, they bought GROCERIES TOGETHER.
  • Oprah has a new client, and it’s Lindsay Lohan.