When it was announced that the Super Bowl would be played at the new stadium in New Jersey, it seems like a no-brainer to have New Jersey's own Bon Jovi would play halftime.

After all, Bruce Springsteen had already played the biggest gig on the planet a few years ago, so who else from Jersey would fit the bill? (Sorry, Southside Johnny still isn't big enough.)

Now we know that Bruno (Mars, that is) is in, and Jon is out.

So what happened?

Maybe Jon and the boys are too classic for what the NFL is looking for right now.

Or maybe they, like the rest of us, want Richie back in the band and won't rest until he is.

Whatever the reason, Bon Jovi will be ready when they are.

We're sure Jon will be just fine in his 2.3 million dollar suite at the game.