Even if the Buffalo Bills don't take the field this season because of the lockout, Erie County taxpayers will be on the hook for millions in stadium costs and operating expenses according to an article in the Buffalo News. The Bills would be better saving on pest control and fielding a bunch of rats and other vermin that have just as good a chance at making the playoffs according to Yahoo Sports.

If this agonizing lockout drags into the fall, lots of big, expensive stadiums will be sitting around empty, unused and doing no one any good.

The price tag for the stadium is ballooning out of control with $640,000 due to the team by the County at the end of the month and another one Million due in August.

Sure we love our Bills, but it's hard to argue with critics who say that the team is actually a drain on the Western New York economy. Especially when the stadium sits empty for so long while libraries are closing, cultural groups are being asked to support themselves and schools are being defunded.

The lockout doesn't just affect the players, if talks breakdown, there may be no gameday at all in Orchard Park this Fall. And that's not exactly a good return on investment. What say You?