The saying goes that being a weatherman is the only job where you can be right 40 percent of the time and still keep your job. But you won't have to leave yourself subject to the weatherman anymore with one of the most useful apps for the iPad.

The Weather+ 2.0 app gives you accurate, current weather conditions anywhere you want to check. This app also gives you a full five-day forecast of all worldwide weather stations, including temperature, humidity, precipitation and wind direction and speed. This upgraded weather app allows you to have hourly forecasts and add an unlimited amount of cities. It's simple and easy to read and navigate.

With the new Retina Display for the iPad 3, the graphics of this app really stand out and shine. It has full-screen animated background videos in high definition that accurately display the current weather. Swipe the screen to the left and right, and you can switch between your selected locations. There is even a flip clock with the current time and a world clock that you can set to your selected locations.

And to put the cherry on top, this weather app is free. You can never go wrong with such a strong app that is free.

There are over 200,000 apps to choose from with the iPad 3. Enter the Jack's Shameless iPad Giveaway, and you could be using this new weather app and always know what to wear when you leave the house.

Contributed by Brandon Kilijanski