The movie with the most hype this weekend is Morning Glory. It's getting great reviews all across the country, and even our own Jeff Simon thinks that this is the role that will launch Rachel McAdams into superstardom.

The movie is about a TV producer who tries to jump start her career by hiring a news legend who is reluctant to take part in tabloid news. Think Irv Weinstien reporting on Lil Wayne(That Pistol Packing Punk). Critics think this is the best newsroom story since Good Night, Good Luck but I think we'll stick with Anchorman. If you're into the newsroom movie the Associated Press did a list of the top movies about news here.

LOS ANGELES - "Morning Glory" reveals the further encroachment of entertainment into news, with Harrison Ford playing an old-school anchor who's forced to co-host a network morning program. Merely the notion of fashion and cooking segments causes him to bristle.

Top movies about newsrooms

 Also in Regal Theaters this weekend we have Skyline, and Unstoppable, and as usual you can win tickets inside our trailer park. Just sign up to be a freeloader. Keep it classy Buffalo.