The brewing legal battle between Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and his former manager, Allen Kovac -- which just last month found Tyler issuing a public statement branding Kovac "rude" -- has spilled over into the Motley Crue camp.

The reasons for Crue's unwilling involvement in the brouhaha are a little complicated, but it basically boils down to a repeat of the argument that started Tyler's case: Kovac is accusing one of his firm's former attorneys, Dina LaPolt, of stealing his clients -- including Tyler, who Kovac alleges was wooed away after LaPolt intentionally botched negotiations between Tyler and 'American Idol.'

Now, Kovac is accusing LaPolt of trying to poach Motley Crue, who have been members of Kovac's stable for 15 years -- but if public statements by Mick Mars and Tommy Lee are anything to go by, their days of dealing with Kovac are over.

Describing himself as "completely shocked and mad that Motley Crue's manager had sued our lawyer," Mars left no doubt as to his allegiances, adding, "I trust Dina implicitly, to the point that she is my trustee if I die or become disabled."

The dispute between Kovac and Motley Crue is at least partly tied up in a $200,000 loan that Kovac issued to Vince Neil, and which Kovac tried to recoup from Crue funds -- but since Neil is apparently no longer a shareholder in the band, they aren't treating it as their obligation, and Mars has claimed he didn't approve the payment.

For her part, LaPolt appears to be denying she ever worked for Kovac in the first place, which would wipe out the crux of Kovac's argument that her actions ran afoul of attorney-client privilege.