Getting dumped was just the beginning of this guy's problems.

A recently-dumped man in Poland was caught on camera during a live news report stealing roses from a florist in a bid to win his ex-girlfriend back.

Andrzej Czapka couldn’t afford the flowers, so he decided to just swipe them from the shop, unaware a news report was taking place at the same time.

Sure enough, you can see Czapka running away in the background. Cops easily found him after viewers identified him, making this quite possibly the easiest case authorities ever had to solve.

After he was busted, Czapka confessed, saying, “I'd broken up with my girlfriend and I wanted to win her back with some flowers but I had no money. I didn't even see the film crew."

There's no word whether the man got back together with his lady love, although if he didn't, he'd be wise to remember there are plenty of other fish in the sea.