In honor of Kid Rock's album coming out tomorrow, February 24 let's listen to Kid Rock's brand new song, 'First Kiss'.

Kid Rock will be back in Western New York at Darien Lake this Summer + you can be JACK will have tickets for you.

Kid Rock - 'First Kiss' Lyrics

I remember waiting for the school bus
Jenny Clayton was my first crush
And neither one of us had a clue
An old Cheyenne it was my first truck
Rusted, rough and kinda beat up
But when she jumped in it felt brand new
And now these days when I drive through a small town
I turn my stereo up and roll my windows down

’Cause it reminds me of my first kiss
And those days that I always miss
Tom Petty on the radio
Going steady with nowhere to go
No money just time to spend
An old Chevy and a couple friends
Oh how I wish that I could go back in time
Just to love you again