A rift has developed between movie studios and theater chains over who should foot the bill for 3D glasses. And the big loser — no surprise, surprise — the people who already pay to see it! 

As of now, the studios pay for 3D glasses, which cost like three dollars each (Like thats digging into their pockets). But Sony recently fired off a letter to movie exhibitors stating that as of May 1, 2012 the studio would no longer be covering the cost of the headache- inducing eyewear.

Although the nation’s largest cinema operator, Regal Entertainment Group, has threatened to not play certain movies in response to Sony’s planned move, the most likely result of the dispute would seem to be that customers pay for the glasses — a charge that would stand in addition to the extra three dollars moviegoers already pay for 3D fare.

However, the Big Apple may have found the solution to getting folks into overpriced movie theaters– serve them booze. A new state law will allow movie theaters to serve alcohol provided that they also offer food and ample table space for chowing down and watching Hugh Jackman fight robots in ‘Real Steel.’

What do you think Jack fans? Would you pay another three or four bucks for the privilege of seeing Johnny Depp look like less of a pirate in an extra dimension?

[via Los Angeles Times]