The gods and Channing Tatum heard your prayers because a Magic Mike 2 is in the works.

Yes, the sexy new dad and occasionally talented actor will once again flaunt his abs and lower body region on the big screen, only this time he will be going on a road trip.

According to Tatum, the first Magic Mike tried to steer away from the sleazy and campy feel that many stripper movies tend to have by making a more “serious” film, whereas with the sequel, they are planning to take it all the way.

So does this mean that there will be no weird drug-dealing and melodramatic sister love storyline, and we'll just get to throw glitter and focus on pelvic air thrusting? OK THEN.

Here’s some more celeb news from this week that you might have missed. And if you didn't, then you really need to spend less time on the internet at work.

  • Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen are having a fight because Brooke was all, “Gimme moneyyyyy, I just need like $55K a month,” and Charlie was all, “NO, BEEYOTCH.”
  • No more Batman. Christian Bale has better things to do.
  • Click here to see if you made Amanda Bynes' ugly list.
  • Ryan Seacrest was spotted with two sexy ladies?! If by two sexy ladies they meant two sexy dudes, then this might make more sense. But the two sexy ladies were indeed, sexy ladies -- however, they are also taken ladies. Apparently they're happily married and were just spending the day with their BFF.
  • In case you were like, “Hmm I wish I knew five things about Kaley Cuoco,” then you are in luck.
  • Breaking Amish’s Kate Stoltzfus traded in her smock and bonnet for…well, not much. She stripped down to tiny shorts and a tank to appear in Maxim. Way to stick to your conservative values! Although modeling is probably a nice change from churning butter.
  • Here’s some creepy Photoshopping of what the royal baby might look like.