A Minnesota state judge tossed out two claims filed by the heirs of a man who Prince often spoke of as his brother, because an unofficial, non-genetic family relationship would not allow them to inherit a portion of Prince's estate, which is estimated at $300 million.

According to Billboard, a judge said that even though Prince's father, John L. Nelson, treated Duane R. Nelson Sr. as his son, Minnesota law limits inheritance to descendants who are either of blood relation or who have been adopted.

“There is no case law in Minnesota or, to the court's knowledge, anywhere in the United States that establishes for intestacy purposes where there was no genetic relationship but the parties to the relationship held themselves out to be father and son,” wrote Carver County District Judge Kevin W. Eide.

The court has reportedly already determined that six people are Prince’s presumptive heirs: Prince’s full sister Tyka Nelson and five half-siblings: Noreen, Sharon, and John Nelson, Alfred Jackson and Omarr Baker.

A judge previously dismissed claims from non-relatives wanting to lay claim to Prince's estate but did have a special hearing for the family of Duane Nelson (Nelson passed away in 2011), largely because Prince's father did have an extremely close relationship with the man.

At any rate, this latest decision will assist in the quest to finally find out who all of Prince's legal heirs actually are. Meanwhile, the late music icon's Paisley Park Museum opens to the public tomorrow.

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