I love it Stewart. Because really, what does it take for people today, to believe anything actually happened and was not staged or a conspiracy?! Our highest trained soldiers, the Navy Seals, finally completed a, what seemed to be, impossible task. Yet, we are already questioning them and what they have done! How about "Thank you boys!"... The way some people in our nation react sometimes is such a joke!

Shouldn't our focus be on Pakistan and the fact that he was living there for the past 6 years in, what is considered, a mansion?! The more information we find out, the more we should realize it should have been a lot easier to find Bin Laden, with the help of  Pakistan's military considering his location, as John Stewart puts it "Bin Laden was living in Pakistan half a mile from their version of west point...For 6 years." My favorite line "In New York City Terms. Bin Laden was on 21st and 7th Avenue, and they were on 21st and 9th Avenue"