Run our station for the day instead of going to your boring job using some of our best reasons to get out of work!!

1. Take a mental health day.... feign insanity to make sure your co-workers not only don't mind your day off but don't physically want you around them.

2. Create an injury... Nothing like the classic, "I fell out of my car on the way to work today and consequentially ended up in the emergency room." Works every time.

3. Come down with a cold that has the potential to plague the co-workers. Congratulations you've just became a threat to the workplace! No one will want you in the office if they might come down with the nasty thing you got too. Try stepping in to a children pediatrician's office. One time I came down with the flu in the lobby while waiting for my brother to get his flu shot. Ironic.

4. Work hard enough to earn the day off... hey that's what we're doing June 22nd for Jack's day off! Plus the line, "I've earned the day off," made the list for 7 smart excuses to get out of work at

5. Someone died... again. If you're a non-believer in karma then that death of your twice-removed great uncle is completely legitimate.Everyone's got one and everyone's great uncle happens to die when outside looks better than the office (which applies almost every day).

6. Vital family occasions that require your attendance. Don't have one to attend? Make one! Throw your 89-year-old grandparents another belated wedding anniversary party. They won't remember it anyways.

*contributed by Marissa Bruno