Oh, December. You've managed to sneak up on us again, even after being bombarded with holiday commercials and music all November. Time to prep for Christmas, but first, let's take a quick look back at what you missed.

Movember ended, and females around the world rejoiced. Some more than others.

@mctheshit25, Twitter

Those chicken wings you sucked down yesterday might've had a secret ingredient.

@news4buffalo, Twitter

Even after the Bills win yesterday, we have to agree with Pat on this.

@PatrickMoranBSD, Twitter

The NHL lockout continues, and the Sabres are starting to lose it.

@BuffaloRising, Twitter

There was a great crowd at the Polar Plunge...

@David_Held, Twitter

...but not everyone was happy with the turnout.

@PhilCialleia, Twitter

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