Lately it seems almost everyone has a smart phone. But the question is, how many of those people that do have a password on it? I recently had the unfortune of having my purse stolen which had my drivers license, car keys and iPhone in it. Thankfully, someone was kind enough to return my purse to the buisness from where it was stolen from, but they kept the iPhone. Now if the general public is anything like me, what was going through my mind was what if they get into my phone? How many personal and work emails do I have in there that shouldn't be seen? Or worse, do I have any bad pictures on there?! Okay, maybe the general public wouldnt ask that last one... although; I really did panic and ask that.

Recently The Today Show aired a segment showing the company Symantec that did a "lost" cell phone project. They put 50 smart phones on the streets of 5 busy cities, New York City, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. They had a tracking system in each phone to see when these phones were being used, what was being looked at and how often they were using them. To me this isnt so shocking, but the city with the lowest return rate with only 30% of the phones being returned was New York City. And the city with the highest return rate with 70%, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

So if you're reading this and don't have a password on your smart phone, I suggest you go do that right... NOW. I mean, you don't want someone seeing all of your filthy and inappropriate pictures you keep in that hidden app. According to the study, they will find it!