Esquire has named Mila Kunis “the sexiest woman alive” in its November issue, and we have to agree with their decision, considering her performance in Ted got the attention of the entire male population.   But even though she has killer good looks, we still think it was her goofy personality that earned her the number one spot.

Kunis is definitely one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood today, but has she always looked that great?  Here are some not so flattering pictures of the actress from back when she was Kelso’s girlfriend all the way to the couple's real-life romance.

Lucy Nicholson, Getty Images

Here we have Kunis displaying an American Eagle shirt that never should have left her closet.

Scott Gries, Getty Images

It doesn't look like she's too happy about something.

Matthew Simmons, Getty Images

We're guessing gambling and Mila do not get along.

Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Laughing her face off -- and yet still looking hot!

Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Justin Timberlake is one lucky fellow; he gets to fondle Mila's girls.  How many of you are jealous right now?

Contributed by Maria Manunta and Jill Schifferle