A new survey shows that most Americans don't want stores to decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. We couldn't agree more. You should respect the turkey. I mean, what’s with all the premature Christmas cheer? There's a Buffalo a radio station already playing Christmas music well before Thanksgiving. It was 60 degrees this weekend! We haven't even had the annual family Thanksgiving kitchen fight yet, and stores are trying to glom on to the Christmas holiday already, for -- you guessed it -- your money.

If stores continue on putting up their Christmas displays earlier every year, at some point we'll be able to buy inflatable reindeer pool accessories (although that would be awesome).

The SOASTA study polled 2,336 Americans to gauge their holiday readiness (or perhaps tolerance). The results were clear, with 75 percent of Americans not wanting stores to decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. Seventy-eight percent don't want to hear Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, and 75 percent want stores to focus on preparations for Cyber Monday to make sure their sites are capable of handling their online shopping demands (talk about a new age).

So who are these 25 percent of Americans who actually want to spread this premature holiday cheer? They seem more powerful than Mitt Romney's one percenters and want us to skip the most important meal of the year between Halloween and Christmas!

That's why Jack FM has started the Coalition to Save Thanksgiving (a member of the World Turkey Federation, or W.T.F.). So when you need to escape from Christmas music, you know you can turn to us. (It's where the employees of Joy FM go.) We even have a Facebook page, so you know we mean business.

The results of the Holiday Readiness Survey show that Americans think stores shouldn't 'Deck the Halls' until after Thanksgiving. What say you?