There is no greater gift. Adopting a child is a life changing experience. The New York State Office of Children and Family Services lists over 220 children on their website and ten sets of siblings looking to be adopted.

When many couples think of adopting, the first thing that comes to mind is a newborn baby, or perhaps a toddler. However there are hundreds of children of all ages waiting to be adopted in the state of New York; and many children will remain in foster homes or group homes until they reach adulthood.

If you are looking to adopt in the state of New York and open to adopting more than one child now, there are 21 siblings in the New York State Office of Children and Family Services' registry looking to find a family.

  • Gina, Nicholas

    17, 14 Years Old

    From the New York State Office of Children and Family Services:

    Gina is enjoys interacting with adults and does very well when she has the full time and attention of her caregiver. She is in the ninth grade where she works hard. Nick likes playing cards, sports and being outdoors. Nick is bright and capable of academic success. Gina and Nick need a loving, supportive, permanent home where they will receive the attention and affection needed to become productive adults.

  • Rayshawn, Keyshawn

    13, 15 Years Old

    From the New York State Office of Children and Family Services:

    Keyshawn is a loving, smart and well behaved kid. He enjoys playing video games and web design. He would like to live in a rural, small town setting. He enjoys cooking and will help prepare dinner. Keyshawn is very smart and has the ability to do very well in school. He is currently in the ninth grade. He is quiet and reserved and it takes time for him to open up and express his feelings. Keyshawn cares about what the adults in his life think, he does not want to disappoint the people he cares about. Keyshawn lacks self-esteem and feels that he does not want to put himself out there to be rejected. Rayshawn is a sweet, kind and thoughtful boy. He enjoys playing video games and basketball. He would like to live in a rural environment with a small town feel. Rayshawn is outgoing and enjoys being around people. He is in the sixth grade where he does well. He enjoys going to school. Rayshawn requires some supports; however, his grades have greatly improved this past year. His teachers would describe him as outgoing, positive and they have said he is a pleasure to have in class. He participates in class discussion and enjoys learning. Rayshawn is able to interact with his peers. He will open up and talk about how he is feeling or thinking. Rayshawn is very inquisitive and asks a lot of questions. He does do his chores, however, he does have to be asked a few times. Are you the family who can provide a loving, stable home for Keyshawn and Rayshawn? A family who would uplift and motivate them would be ideal.

  • Mary, Martha

    16, 13 Years Old

    From the New York State Office of Children and Family Services:

    Mary enjoys reading and using electronics. She loves anything to do with art, especially drawing. Mary also enjoys cooking and playing video games. She completed the eighth grade with an overall B average. Mary enjoys school and is looking forward to entering the ninth grade in the Fall. Martha enjoys playing with kids her own age and being outdoors. Martha has been making movies with some of her foster sisters and says she likes doing that. She likes cooking, baking, playing video games and going to carnivals or amusement parks. Martha will be entering the sixth grade in the Fall. Mary and Martha need a single parent or two parent family who can give them love and guidance in a permanent home to help them reach their full potential.

  • Fatoumata, Zaidy

    14, 12 Years Old

    From the New York State Office of Children and Family Services:

    Fatoumata is a sweet young girl who enjoys learning new things. She is polite and loves to interact with other children and be included in activities. Fatoumata also has a passion for arts and crafts. She is a talented singer and recently started learning how to play the guitar. Fatoumata is very bonded with her brother. They disagree as siblings sometimes do, but are always playing or watching TV together, or engaged in family activities together. Fatoumata attends a small sized class where she is provided educational services to meet her needs. She is bonded with her teachers and support staff and is working on learning to verbalize her emotions. Fatoumata wants to please the people in her life, and benefits from unconditional love and support and positive reinforcement. Zaidy is a caring, polite young boy who enjoys creative activities like building with Legos and playing with transformers. He also enjoys participating in family activities like game nights or going to places in the community such as parks or museums. He is very bonded with his sister and the two are often found playing games together or spending time together. He is fully engaged in school, and bonded with his teachers and classmates. He receives services that support his learning needs, and continues to progress academically. Zaidy benefits from rules, structure and consistent follow through. Fatoumata and Zaidy need a loving, patient family who will provide permanency and structure where they can continue to grow and progress.

  • Zhane, Zyaier

    15, 10 Years Old

    From the New York State Office of Children and Family Services:

    Zhane is a sweet young girl who has a wonderful sense of humor and an infectious smile. She loves watching T.V. and especially loves the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She loves cats, dogs and swimming. Zhane will be going into the ninth grade. She does very well in school. Zhane received academic awards for high achievement in Spanish, the President's Educational Award, and Outstanding Achievement Award. Zhane has expressed interest in joining the track and field team in High School. Zyaire is a handsome little boy whose smile brightens up a room. One of the things that stands out about him is how polite and well-spoken he is. He enjoys watching wrestling on T.V. He likes all outdoor activities including playing basketball, football, and going to the playground. Zyaire will be in the fourth grade in the Fall where he is above grade level for reading and math. He has a lot of energy. One last thing, he really loves FOOD. Zhane and Zyaire share a strong bond and need an energetic, loving, patient family who can provide structure and permanence in a nurturing environment. permanency in a nurturing environment.

  • Jacob, Clint

    15, 14 Years Old

    From the New York State Office of Children and Family Services:

    Jacob, age 15 and Clint, age 14 are brothers who are to be placed together. Jacob is sensitive and tries hard to get people to like and accept him. He enjoys playing video games, reading and playing sports like basketball, baseball and football. Clint is a calm, quiet, pleasant child who often remains in the background. Clint enjoys riding his bike, video games and reading. He is not a picky eater and enjoys a variety of foods. He is a good helper around the house. Jacob and Clint need an active two parent family who enjoy sports and can provide structure and encouragement in a loving home. Are you the family for Jacob and Clint?