The Sacremento, California band Cake will be kicking off the summer concert series at Art Park this Friday to a sold out crowd. The band is touring to promote their 6th studio album released this past January titled Showroom of Compassion

This is the first album that the band has released since their 2004 album Pressure Chief. Showroom of Compassionhas been received fairly well by critics who attribute much of the album's success to the band staying true to themselves and their sound. The somber vocals, distorted guitar riffs, and prominent trumpet sounds that Cake is known for are all intact on this new album.

Songs from their new album such as "Long Time" and "Sick of You" are sure to please the audience with the Cake sounds people are accustomed to. Throw in some classics like "The Distance" and "Frank Sinatra", and this concert will surely be enthralling.

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