Does the thought of haunted places give you the creeps? Or does it make you intrigued? Buffalo has plenty of well-known haunted locations for the willing to research or even take a trip to. Ghosts aren't that scary...right?

For those who find these kind of places interesting, here are 10 places around Buffalo that have haunted pasts:

  • 1

    Central Terminal

    495 Paderewski Dr., Buffalo

    The Central Terminal was used a lot after being built in the 1920s, especially during World War II. Many have seen floating orbs and vanishing spirits throughout the station; they're said to roam around and also play games.

    mark.hogan, Flickr
  • 2

    Delaware Road

    Delaware Road, Clarence

    Many people believe that driving down this sketchy, unlit road is a rite of passage. Evil has been connected with the road -- for example, KKK lynchings and lantern-carrying ghosts.

    Geograph, Google Images
  • 3

    H. H. Richardson Complex

    400 Forest Ave., Buffalo

    This complex was built in 1870 and is also known as the Buffalo State Asylum for the Insane. There have been captured images and anomalies at the complex, and it is a place of many horrors of the early mental health profession.

    Wikimedia, Google Images
  • 4

    Holiday Inn

    100 Whitehaven Rd., Grand Island

    The hotel opened in 1973 and has had many visitors report seeing a young girl skipping around and jumping on the beds. The little girl was supposed to have died on the ground of the hotel in the 1800s. This place has the most constant hauntings in the area.

    Wikimedia, Google Images
  • 5

    Lancaster Opera House

    21 Central Ave., Lancaster

    This is the supposed resting place to spirits William and Priscilla, who were lovers and actors at the Opera House. There have been reports of seeing these ghosts turning off lights and following people.

    Doug Kerr, Flickr
  • 6

    Old Fort Niagara Castle

    4 Scott Ave., Youngstown

    Built in 1726, the castle served as a trading post and is one of the most haunted places in the area. A headless ghost is reported to wander the castle, creating eerie sounds and unexplained light.

    Wikipedia, Google Images
  • 7

    Pigman Road

    Holland Road, Angola

    This road is the supposed home to a serial killer by the name of "the Pigman". He allegedly resembles a pig or wore a mask of pig parts. Shadowy figures have been seen, along with the sound of squealing pigs being heard.

    Sandra Heppel, Google
  • 8

    Shea's Performing Arts Center

    646 Main St., Buffalo

    Michael Shea built the theater in 1925 but passed away in 1934. His ghost allegedly haunts the theater and approaches people who are by themselves; he says something friendly to them and vanishes not long after doing so.

    Reading Tom, Flickr
  • 9

    St. Mary's School for the Deaf

    2253 Main St., Buffalo

    The school, originally known as Le Couteulx St. Mary's Benevolent Society for the Deaf and Dumb, was created in 1853. There have been reported sightings of nuns wandering the third floor, and also, even though it doesn't function anymore, the school bell has been seen to move by itself.

    Boston Public Library, Flickr
  • 10

    Town Ballroom

    681 Main St., Buffalo

    The Town Ballroom used to be a speakeasy during the Prohibition. Al Capone frequented the establishment, as the basement was used for meetings and gambling. There have been reported sounds of parties coming from the basement rooms, along with the security alarms going off unexpectedly and ghost sightings.

    Wikimedia, Google Images
  • 11

    USS The Sullivans

    1 Naval Park Cove, Buffalo

    Docked at the Erie County Naval and Military Park since 1977, USS The Sullivans is said to house spirits. The ship was named in honor of the five Sullivan brothers, who served in World War II. The eldest brother is said to haunt the ship, searching for his lost brothers. People have allegedly seen objects thrown across the room and ghostly images of burned bodies.

    Official U.S. Navy Imagery, Flickr