Its Halloween weekend!  My FAVORITE time of the year!  I wait all year long for the chance to be scared silly.  Yes my boyfriend will tell you that I spend the majority of haunted houses clinging to the back of his jacket with my head buried deep or that when I watch scary movies I have my hands over my eyes the entire time but who cares I still LOVE IT!  If you’re like me and just dying for some scare this weekend here’s a few I think you should check this out! 

Over at the Hamburg Fairgrounds you can learn all about your fears with your Final Fear 2011.  Apparently this one is the home of the Zombie Attack, Western New York’s first interactive Haunted House!  See not only are you going to be scared by people jumping out at you the zombies can really interactive with you now!   Not only does that sound really scary but the Scare at the Fair brings you five haunted houses you can venture through!  Houses like the throne, unearthly, and Chaos 2 in 3D just sound creepy talking about!  Your Final Fear is open today and obviously tomorrow since it is Halloween!  Today they have a Kid’s Lights on tour from 1p to 5pm for only $6.  This one’s good for the kids because they can still get the taste of a Haunted House without completely being so scared they are awake for the next 3 days!  Then after that tonight and tomorrow night your Final Fear is going to be open from 6:30pm to 11pm.

Then for the adults this weekend is the Hallowine Murder Mystery Weekend!  The event takes place at the Niagara Wine Trail today from noon until 6p.  What a better way to celebrate Halloween then with their annual murder mystery!  This year’s mystery is a class reunion theme so come dressed as you or even in a costume!  If you have never done a murder mystery my suggestion is definitely this one!  You’ll get to collect clues and interview different suspects at each winery on the trail to solve the mystery.  At the last winery you’ll get to enter your guess on which one the killer is!  Today you’ll get a commemorative wine glass from your starting winery and information to solve the crime.  Tickets are $25 per person at the door.  Hallowine Murder Mystery Weekend is located at the Niagara Wine Trail USA on Ridge Road in Medina NY.  Check out their website www.niagarawinetrail .org for more information.