Guns are on the rise it seems with 5,000 people right now are on a waiting list.

As unfortunate events around the world happen, people become more concerned with their right to carry a weapon; and with the tougher gun laws in New York, people aren't wasting any time jumping into it.

There was a free safety training class organized by EMPact America in West Seneca yesterday at VFW post 2940.

90 percent of people who signed up for the class cited the attacks as their reason. Before both took place, 125 people had registered for the course; that number has since grown by more than 4,000 percent.

The type of people who want to learn about guns is also changing.

“I have people who have pistol permits already, I have people who have never obtained a pistol permit and want it for the first time. And then I’ve got guys and girls that come in and just want to take a safety class", according to WIVB.