Possum on a gumbush! The Duke Boys are here this weekend at the Fallsview Casino. Talk about two good ole boys that have been typecast. Tom Wopat and John Schneider will never outlive their Bo and Luke Duke persona's, but they have learned to embrace it. Each year they attend Duke Fest, a tribute to the General Lee and the Duke lifestyle. They've also used their Duke fame as a vehicle to book themselves as bonafide singers. Even if the songs sometimes crash and burn like a Roscoe P. Coletrain car wreck. I should give some credit to the pair, Wopat has performed on Broadway, and Schneider had a top charting country song in 1981 (andI actually believed he was Superman's father on Smallville). Here's one of the worst videos ever, but somehow it makes me feel happier than a hog knee deep in slop! Love the beard, John!

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