Throughout its history, the TV show 'Glee' has covered many pop and rock favorites. Now they are preparing to tackle the Beatles, integrating their songs into the show's musical comedy structure and releasing an entire album of those performances.

'Glee Sings the Beatles' will be available on Sept. 24. To date, 'Glee' has been responsible for sales of 55 million tracks and 13 million albums. The track listing can be found below.

The 14 songs will be spread out over the first two episodes of the season. The premiere, 'Love, Love, Love,' will be shown on Sept. 26, and the second, 'Tina in the Sky With Diamonds,' will air a week later on Oct. 3.

After debuting to considerable success in 2009, Glee's viewership has flagged in the past two seasons. According to Deadline, the ratings for last season's finale were down 28 percent from their 2011 counterpart. Given that covering the Beatles has always been a way to draw public attention, perhaps the show's producers are hoping this will help revive its fortunes.

'Glee Sings the Beatles' Track Listing

1. 'Yesterday'
2. 'Drive My Car'
3. 'Got to Get You into My Life'
4. 'You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away'
5. 'Help'
6. 'A Hard Day’s Night'
7. 'I Saw Her Standing There'
8. 'All You Need Is Love'
9. 'Get Back'
10. 'Here Comes yhe Sun'
11. 'Something'
12. 'Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band'
13. 'Hey Jude'
14. 'Let It Be'