Yesterday we showed you the pictures, today it is the video that captured it allWell most of it cause Freeloader Joe really sucks at most things especially videos if you cant tell by the verticalness of this one.

JACK FM's Freeloader Joe spent his time in line at the Foreigner Meet and Greet at Darien Lake on August 4th with JACK FM Green Card Winner Alisia and her friend Joe.

It was a good time as we laughed talked about music, life and the state of the introduction guy Brandon who really has to hate his job most days besides the traveling part of it.

As well as some choice words from Alisia about JACK FM... that we made her say... you cant see the gun though we kept that off camera. Fast forward to the end for that.

Big thanks to Foreigner, John lappen for helping us out with the Meet and Greet as well as Brandon who off camera had to put up with Freeloader Joe's nonsense... lucky we missed that part.