Once again the Ellicottville Fall  Beer and Wine Festvial has come and gone. I know what you're thinking "Wow Jack you really think we care about a Fall Festival???"... It's a beer and wine festival on top of the arts and crafts. So unless you're Un-American everyone should have LOVED this festival! No matter who you are this festival had something for you... Beer, wine, crafts (ok we could do without that), and amazing food. If you missed out just crawl in a hole and wait til next October to make up for it!

If you're thinking "But Jack I'm 21 and I am not making the drive for a little, lame, festival." You should have thought twice, got a room, brought your tent, or simply slept in your car, because both Friday night and Saturday night are filled with crazy bar hopping with people from all over. Only one place had cover and all the rest were well equip with amazing beer, mixed drinks, and good music!!

So next year, after you're all settled from the crazy summer and you realize "WOW Fall has already started" it is probably October and you should be checking out our site to find out the best places to go for good beer good food and amazing times!