Your girlfriend probably doesn’t want you to play with toys, but Walt Thompson figured out a way to get away with it for at least a couple more years. He proposed to his girlfriend of four years using LEGOs and some stop-motion animation.

The 29-year-old Atlanta-based filmmaker asked his (spoiler alert) now-fiancée, food writer Nealey Dozier, to marry him by making a just-over 3-minute video — composed of more than 2,600 snapped pictures.  The short film follows the story of the happy couple, set to the folksy tune of Madeleine Peyroux’s “Don’t Wait Too Long.” LEGO Han Solo in carbonite makes a cameo in the video as do Stormtroopers and other famous mini-figures.

The duo plan to marry in spring 2013. Their wedding party will be made entirely of Little People.

[via The Daily Mail]