A new report says that Buffalo drivers are wasting their time and their money because of Western New York driving conditions. Delays are costing drivers an average of 40 hours of their time and $1,900 per driver per year due to congested roadways.

The national transportation research group TRIP did the research and reported their findings. The cost of the conditions adds up to $24.9 billion for the state, including vehicle operating costs, crashes and congested roadways.

“Today’s TRIP report highlights the poor conditions that New Yorkers across the state face on our roads and bridges every day,” said John Corlett, Legislative Committee chairman at AAA New York State. “In 2015 alone, AAA serviced more than 200,000 flat tire calls throughout New York – many of which were due to potholes and other hazardous road conditions. This is a symptom of the lack of adequate investment in roads. I look forward to working with the Governor and State Legislature to fully fund the needs of our road and bridge system, which will enhance safety and help improve the quality of life for the millions of drivers who travel on our roads and bridges every day", according to our friends at Channel 4.