A man who was texting and driving found himself you-know-what out of luck.

Michael Bruhn was reportedly wrapping up a text and finishing a phone call on Monday when he drove his rental car into a tractor hauling a trailer of liquid manure in Lancaster, Wisconsin.

Making matters even worse is the fact Bruhn was driving a Ford Mustang convertible, which means he got a nice blanket of kaka all over him.

Bruhn, 37, looked up to see the tractor right before he smacked into it.

Bruhn suffered a broken finger (very fitting for someone texting at the time of the crash). The truck driver was not injured.

The real victim here, though? The guy who in charge of washing the car.

While texting and driving is certainly not a laughing matter, driving into a pile of poo sure is. Here's the classic scene from 'Back to the Future' in which Biff does just that, as well as another scene from the sequel in which he does it yet again.