As we gear up for warmer weather and see our tax refunds come in, some people will do some extra spending in the month of April.

Here are some things NOT to buy this month:

1. GRILLS: Now that the weather is warmer, chances are you will want to head outside to cook dinner. Hold off on buying that new grill if you can. The biggest deals on grills come near July 4th and after Labor Day.

2. PATIO FURNITURE: Along with grilling, comes hanging out outside during the warmer months. Of course, retailers know this and won't be having any sales during the month of April. If you wait, the best deals come at the end of Summer.

3. WARM WEATHER CLOTHING: Most retails have two seasons, Spring and Winter. So if you need to buy shorts, T-shirts, and sunglasses, you will pay more early in the season compared to later in the season. Hold off until August or September. 

4. TELEVISIONS: Now that "March Madness" is over, so are many of the deals on TV. The next big discount day will come in early July.