It's easy to understand how movie-goers in Aurora, Colorado were confused when 24 year-old James Holmes entered the midnight screening of Dark Knight Rises and began shooting people. The movie has some intense and violent opening scenes, even at the local opening people were dressed like characters from the trilogy. At least 12 people are dead and 50 injured and unfortunately the incident played out like a scene from the movie. Only Batman wasn't there to stop him.Already I heard one FBI profiler say that the shooter may have been acting out some strange Bane fantasy. The assailant was dressed in black, had on some sort of bulletproof vest and a gas mask. He unleashed tear gas on the audience before spraying the theater with bullets, which explains the mask. The fact that the villain in Batman also wears a mask and military gear may just be a coincidence, so you have to wonder what was going through this guys head. Maybe he was just taking the opportunity of a crowded theater to unleash his madness. 

This story is still playing out, and people will still go see Dark Knight Rises this weekend, but I guarantee this will affect attendence. At the very least you'll be on your toes. After 9-11, I had similar thoughts about staying away from theater's and remember being extra alert there, thinking that a scenario like last night's tragedy could play out. This morning I should be talking about how fun it was to see the conclusion of the Dark Knight trilogy. Instead we're talking about a selfish lunatic who should be in Arkham Asylum. It's such a sad story, and incidents like this are becoming far too common.