So it seems Daniel Radcliffe is completely over playing the same role for (another) 10 years.

The 24-year-old British actor admitted he doesn't really "miss" being Harry Potter to an audience at the Toronto International Film Festival last weekend. And while we can totally understand getting sick of strangers calling you by a fictional character's name, we also feel for the fans that Harry and his cohorts have acquired over the years.

Radcliffe also shot down any collaborations with his Harry Potter co-star Emma Watson in the near future, saying, "I'm sure I'll bump into her at one point. But we were all together for 10 years, so we're excited to be going off and working with new people now."


The Toronto Film Festival was full of celebrities this weekend, but no drama, which we should've guessed since it's in Canada. But don't worry, here's other pointless celebrity news for you.

  • New York Fashion Week was held last week, and nothing really happened there, either. Except for the emergence of Rihanna's "ghetto goth" rat tail...a.k.a., a mullet. Normally I do my best to understand the odd fashion choices Rih Rih makes, but this takes the cake. You be the judge.
  • Watch The Newsroom on HBO? Remember that episode where Mac sent the whole office an email about cheating on Will by accident because she's technologically deficient? Well in real life, Allison Pill, who plays Maggie, accidentally tweeted a topless photo of herself, and it seems she's finally come clean about it.
  • Kim Kardashian has said on many occasions that Kanye has taught her a lot. One lesson he could've given her while they still had each other friend zoned was the whole "we want prenup" thing via "Gold Digger" in 2004, because Kris Humphries is going to bank off his engagement ring. You win some (hundred thousands), you lose some (hundred thousands).
  • Sick of Miley Cyrus? Anna Wintour is, too. She just booted Miley from the December cover of Vogue because of her antics at the VMAs this year. (Unfamiliar with such antics? You're welcome.)
  • Beyonce and Jay Z went to Italy recently. They went swimming. Jay Z's form needs some work, and the Internet had no problems letting him know that this week. Try not to cry from laughing so hard.