Everyone has seen the Saturday Night Live video with Will Farrell playing the Cowbell to Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear The Reaper".  Turns out art does imitate life. Jack FM had a the pleasure of welcoming David Lucas , the real-life producer who brought the cowbell to the song to our dumpy, little studio.

Lucas, who was born in Buffalo, talked about how he came up with the idea to add the cowbell to the classic 1976 Blue Oyster Cult  track and the rest is cowbell history. He also showed us the proper technique for more cowbell.

Lucas is also a very successful jingle writer and wrote AT&T's "Reach Out and Touch Someone", Pepsi's "Catch the Pepsi Spirit"  and GE's "We Bring Good Things to Life". He's won advertising's coveted Clio Award for best jingle and is considered one of the country's best jingle writers having written hundreds of successful jingles.

He's worked with Sam Cooke, toured with Led Zeppelin and in 1998 he sold his production studio to Wyclef Jean and moved to Flordia. On October 6, he will be inducted into Buffalo's Music Hall of Fame. And it won't be for that silly cowbell. Still if you have the fever, the only prescription is more cowbell.