This week marked the umpteenth annual Corporate Challenge. I’ve participated in it several years now and it’s usually a good time. A who’s who of Buffalo businessmen and women, it’s great mingling, great boozing and a great atmosphere. It’s also great people watching. Here are the top five sights I saw this year: 

A corporate T-shirt stating that it’s “only 3.5 miles until we drink beer.” Not so much. Try 3.1. I mean, I guess you can run the extra four-tenths of a mile if you want. Overachiever.

Bathing suit bottoms. For running. Really? Especially on someone who doesn’t have…um…a runner’s physique. Doesn’t that chafe?

Camel toes. And lots of them. Wow. Get some pants that fit.

Butt cracks. Again, lots of them. Get a belt and please, to the man in the red shorts, some cream for those dry spots.

- Pot bellies. But not just any pot belly. Bare pot bellies on runners. It’s almost hypnotic to see them in action. Isn’t it awesome to go to a work event and to see so much of your boss? 

I do have to give out shout-out to the most creative shirt I saw, worn by a gal named Molly. Out of a job but not out of optimism, she printed her resume on the back of her shirt. Hopefully it works out for her.